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Q: What's up with the weird biomes/structures?

A: Because we're spontaneous and spicy individuals, we decided to customly generate our world for your enjoyment! Yes, a few features of vanilla minecraft are irritatingly buggy/non existent, but all aspects of gameplay (worlds, items, etc.) are obtainable through some mechanism; whether it be in the shop or, you know, still featured in the map.

Q: Can I fight other players?

A: You are allowed to fight other players if they give you their permission; don't sneak attack players who don't want it. If you want a more PVP-centric playstyle then you can arrange an agreement with other players or simply access /warp pvp where barbarism is not only assumed, but encouraged!

Q: Why are there no rank prefixes/what do the colours mean?

A: If you need to ask this question, you're clearly incapable of reading instructions; it's all explained in the pre-server tutorial upon joining! Nonetheless, the colours are as follows:

Default, Member, Donator, +Premium, Moderator, Administrator.

And we're not really into all that prefix stuff. Messy chats suck, minimalism ftw!

Q: Can I have admin/mod/builder/youtuber?

A: Apply for moderator on the forums if you want.

Yes, you can have builder/youtuber. When those ranks exist. Which will be never.

Q: How can I access the server IRC?

A: IRC means 'Internet Relay Chat', which is a service we use to connect minecraft's chat to your browser through making a bot 'say' the transcript. Due to its accessibility, you'll need to be voiced to join us.

(1) Become a member.
(2) Register your minecraft username as an IRC nickname. If you don't know how, follow this tutorial. *Note, don't do this step on the zerp channel as you will be muted by default.
(3) Ask a Moderator/Admin to voice you.
(4) Access by connecting to channel #zerp, or by using the IRC page.

- If you don't connect to IRC enough, you may find your nick has been unregistered. To prevent this, protect your nickname or just connect regularly ;D.
- If you are really struggling with irc, probably take some time to learn about it.

Q: Does the server have Discord?

A: Yep! Click this text for the link.

Make sure your username is the same as/similar to your minecraft one. It's also not a good idea to impersonate people; we can check IPs and stuff.

Q: What do I do if I get griefed/abused/abducted by aliens?

A: Post a thread in this forum, following the guidelines.

Although we discourage hypersensitivity/being offended easily, it's always a good idea to report someone who is acting like a dick in chat, before using /ignore. This way, staff members can purify the server by filtering out obvious trolls/11 year old irritants.

If you think this FAQ is missing anything, ask the question frequently notify an administrator.

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