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Server Rules


Click each rule for an explanation.

1. Respect everyone.

Essentially, treat everybody with at least basic respect. Although hypersensitivity is generally discouraged and is often laughable, there is a difference between jokes/trolling and abuse. Players are encouraged to simply /ignore disrespectful individuals, but nonetheless, it's a personality flaw that we don't really want around. Don't be surprised if you're muted/jailed/banned for being a dick.


<dick> ha f u gay fag XD
<dick> u should go kill urself irl cos u suck
*everyone /ignores*
<dick> lol som1 talk to me give me the reaction i crave!!!
<mod> *thinks to self* Jeez, this thing is a waste of chat space.

<mod> /mute dick

2. Play fairly.

Zerp Australia is primarily a survival server with PvP and economy enabled. Owing to this, we prohibit any game-changing mods, texture packs or client hacks that cause an unfair advantage and disrupt the survival aspect of the server. Examples of such things include X-Ray mods/texture packs, PvP hacks and movement hacks.

This also means bug exploitation is disallowed, eg. item duplicating. This should be fairly obvious, but it seems some are lacking in common sense :3.

3. Don't touch stuff that isn't yours.

If you didn't place it, don't touch it! This includes editing player-built structures (removing and adding blocks) or stealing from chests/furnaces. Just remember, it takes us 5 seconds to inspect a grief/robbery, roll it back and punish the perpetrator. Don't do it.


<griefer> *griefing*
<griefer> omg i'm such a troll they're gonna be so upset!!
*30 min later*
<player> My house is destroyed. Can a mod please check?
<mod> Sure :)

<mod> *inspects and rolls back*
<mod> *sigh of minor inconvenience* /ban griefer

4(a). Don't be a twat.

Don't be an irritant to everyone and everything. Nobody cares that you died so stop spamming it in chat. Your dirt swastika/penis really isn't that amazing. Teleporting people into lava is pretty dog. TYPING IN ALL CAPS is an eyesore. Enjoy being part of the Zerp community, don't make people loathe you.


<twat> NOOOO
<twat> OMG KMS
*silence because nobody cares*
<twat> omg.... FUCK THIS
-- twat ragequits -- 
<everyone> *thinks to self* thank god >_>

4(b). Don't advertise.

Apparently this needed clarifying. Using our server as a platform to increase patronage to your (terrible) server makes you a twat. Banning will ensue.

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