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Build Comp #6 Japanese - COMPLETED

Discussion in 'Build Competition' started by Zerp, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. smithxn

    smithxn Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Can i please have a lot for build comp
  2. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Entries now closed, results to follow.
  3. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    :skull: Disqualified (z0)
    Insufficient- @Tom @Etharyl @orung @Frunku @Bob @Ironguard3
    Retarded- @Purlem

    :y: Participation prize (z500 each)
    @smithxn @Slumpzilla @apendix99 @Pussielle @Matronn @PurpleZircon @SQUNTO @Jfishdog @MuesMues @Lief931 @Panor @DraconisChaser

    :rainbow: Colour award (spawn plot)

    :love: Nature award (z1000)


    :shiny: Culture award (z1250)


    :hot: Creativity award (z1250)


    :perf: Grand Prize Runner Up (z2500 + spawn plot)

    @Panor @Lief931

    :clap: Grand Prize (z3500 + spawn plot + prefix)


    :eek: Click here to view an album of all winners!
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  4. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator Staff Premium Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Congrats to the winners, was a great build comp with some amazing builds

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