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Failed Vote apendix99's staff application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by apendix99, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. apendix99

    apendix99 Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    About me
    Well my username is apendix99 but I have set my nickname to Dix and so most know me as such. I have been playing on zerpau.com for close to a year now and have seen players come and go and so have seen this community. I am friendly to new players and help them with the various aspects of the server whether it be the the economy or becoming an official part of our great community(a member), I'm happy to be of assistance. I can be a quiet player as I like to do my own thing but I do like promote connection with others in the community.
    Why Should You Choose Me Over Other Applicants
    Well to be fair at least a couple of the applicants are in my opinion as good as me, or hell even better, but i digress.

    • Well as you know I'm active so I can be there when needed
    • I'm well known in the zerpau community and I am (at least I hope so) respected by most players
    • I like to think that I am of help to new players and players in general
    • I'm usually level headed and reasonable and try to be unbiased that said i do have a sense of humor (all-be-it a lacking one) as I'm not made of stone
    • I think of myself as mature but I understand that this is not always true
    • I try my best to get along with any one and everyone, by being open and friendly
    • I believe I am capable and am ready for the responsibility
    What are My (possible) con's

    I have my faults and I ashamed to admit it

    • As I mentioned I am usually level headed but when I do break i have a tendency to unleash unholy hell fire (go over the top)
    • I'm not really a paperwork kinda guy
    • Not always a con but i am straight forward and don't have a problem telling you how is
    • My biggest con could be my lack of experience unlike other possible candidates
    Finishing Words
    I understand that I may not be chosen and am fine with possibility of this decision and would wish the other candidates good luck and wish them well in their elevated roll in the zerpau community.
    *But admins don't forget my unholy hell fire
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  2. smithxn

    smithxn Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Good Old Dixxy
    Well I must say this is a surprise ... though its a good one. I think you would be a very good candidate for this position and wish you all the luck. The last 6 years I have known you compared to what you have written, well I must say it's has to be one of the most honest and accurate accounting's I have ever heard you give (A lot more accurate then you tell the girls XD ). Anyway I better shut up before you kill me *coughs nervously*, good luck. I believe you would be good at this role and wish you and all the other candidates the best of luck and may the best man (or women) win.
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  3. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

    Minecraft Username:

    *moves to staff vote*
  4. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

    Minecraft Username:
    Close but not quite enough.

    Staff Vote
    Should apendix99 become a moderator?

    Yes: 2 Votes (40.0%)
    No: 3 Votes (60.0%)

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