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Accepted Appeal for Ban (11th of January, 2018)

Discussion in 'Appeal A Ban' started by QuasiGecko, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. QuasiGecko

    Build Comp Winner

    Minecraft Username:
    Hello Mods and Admins.
    I believe only a few hours ago I was banned for 7 days for two reasons:
    Firstly for writing the name of a controversial Middle Eastern Terrorist Group in Cobblestone and torches within the confines of a Castle I co-own with HahaYouLooked230 and Friends.
    And Secondly, for attempting to claim somebody else's house. The person in Question being King_Arto.

    I'm unsure whether there is a preferred character count for these appeals but I'll try to keep this brief.
    When it comes to the issue of me writing the name of the relevant terrorist group, I'd firstly like to start by apologising to the people it offended, including King_Arto, who came across the sign randomly whilst inside HahaYouLooked230 and I's Castle. I'd also like to make the note that when I wrote the given sign, I was drunk, bored, and not really aware that anyone would see it.
    My Justification for it being not a major issue is that the sign was not in a public place. The castle is HahaYouLooked230's creation. Aided by myself and Liz2000 (As Pseudo Co-Owners). Whilst also receiving help from various volunteers occasionally. It wasn't displayed openly on the walls but instead within the ground floor of the Castle component(private area) of our city(Pseudo Private area).
    When King_Arto stumbled across this sign within our castle, he requested that the mods come to him, and he pointed out my block writing. Purple was the only Moderator who attended, and upon King_Arto's complaint, Purple asked me to remove the sign. Which I did hastily after it was requested. I didn't complain or resist. I also tried to offer my help to King_Arto in a genuine attempt to make it up to him (about 20-25 minutes after the sign was destroyed). This attempt was ignored.
    Again I do apologise. At the time of the ban, the sign was no longer up.

    The second issue, being that I "attempted to claim King_Arto's house" is more of a misunderstanding. King_Arto is functionally one of my neighbours. A few players were inspecting his house and eventually the validity of King_Arto owning the house came into question (as a joke).
    Although I wasn't 100 percent sure whether what was being said was a joke or not (As the player ACTUALLY claiming it was his house had been hanging around the place a lot). I joined the joke in a lesser role, with other players carrying the joke far more than me. I made a few jokes about it but when King_Arto reached a certain level of distress I apologised, killed the player who had actually been trying to claim the house more as a symbolic gesture/joke. Much like the first issue I do apologise, however it was simply me joining in on a server wide gag. I meant no offence, and I wasn't actually trying to claim his house (and even if what I said was my actual opinion on it I still wasn't the one attempting to claim his house). I believe I am the only person who has been banned for this despite my role. This leads me to believe it is mostly the first issue causing my ban.

    I hope that wasn't too long nor a drag to read.
    Good day to you all
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  2. Bob

    Bob Server Retard

    Minecraft Username:
    How you copped a ban out of this beats me. Best of luck getting unbanned :)
    - Xanny
  3. PurpleZircon

    PurpleZircon Moderator
    Staff Premium Donator

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    After reviewing your situation, and discusions with my peers your ban has been reduced to one day (20hrs with time served).
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