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Accepted Appeal for Ban

Discussion in 'Appeal A Ban' started by jmilner143, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. jmilner143

    jmilner143 Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    1. What's your username?

    2. Why were you banned? What happened?

    A couple of weeks ago, Orung and I were joking around with a new player: Blue. He was joking back, and no one else was involved in the conversation. I was currently a member at the time and obviously had no authority when I JOKINGLY said to blue: accept my request or ill ban you. He obviously knew it was a joke no one was taking anything seriously. Dracon then cut in and told me to "stop fucking pretending you have the ban when you dont." And I said "I thought it was pretty fucking obvious that I didn't have ban because I am only a member." I thought we were still joking around. After, it became a JOKE that Draco and I did not like each other. Multiple people would make jokes on the chat about this. Then, yesterday, when it came up that Draco was voting, I would say "no" after it said: thank Draco for voting at _____ website. Gecko then messaged Draco saying "wow I can see why you think she is a cunt." I then knew this wasn't a joke and Draco was thinking what I was saying was serious. It was never my intention to hurt her feelings but I snapped back when I heard that she and Gecko had called me a cunt and I said "why are you even on here Draco you're over 30 don't you have things to do" or something along those lines. Sorry for saying that but being called a cunt isn't something that I take lightly.
    But I am sorry that I carried things on when I thought we were joking; my intention was to never hurt her I just thought it was one of those overused jokes. I have no feelings toward her whatsoever in any regard. I'm sorry.

    3. Which staff member banned you?
    Im guessing squint because he messaged me to tell me to make an appeal.

    4. Do you think you deserved the ban? Why/why not?
    I think I deserve the ban after finding out that what I was saying she was taking seriously. I never wanted to make her feel uncomfortable or hurt her feelings. I think I deserve the ban because i would be offended as well if I thought someone was going out of their way to hurt my feelings. But again, that was never my intention.

    5. Using at least 5 reasons, convince us to unban you.
    I include everyone in everything that I am doing. JFish has said on multiple accounts: why does everyone always just hang out at your house. I like to include as many people as possible and play Minecraft with as many people as possible. That is my goal on this server.
    I have never broken a rule besides this, which I didn't know I was doing in the first place. I didn't realize I was actually affecting her; like I said earlier, I thought it was an overused joke.
    I don't plan on ever saying anything to Draco again, unless it is positive or neutral. I don't want to offend her or anyone on this server.

    I am sorry.
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    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Thanks for submitting an appeal.

    Overall I find that your appeal is a bit confusing, particularly the explanation.

    I don't have much information on this first bit, but it wasn't really why you were banned, but obviously it lead to it.

    Firstly I'm sure it would've been obvious that it wasn't a joke when she wasn't laughing back. Secondly I don't think multiple people were joining in.

    Your timeline of events doesn't add up. I now understand possibly why there was some confusion.
    After the 'no' spam, this was private messaged:
    No swear words in this... So not sure where that came from.
    In fact, this was only QuasiGecko saying these things, Draconis said nothing (she briefly mentioned having her on /ignore, nothing else was said). So even if this was some sort of response, it was completely misdirected.
    Now here's the rest of it:
    Actually thought I'd include these extra messages. Despite this already having been discussed, I thought I'd include the command from Panda, who seemingly immediately checked to see how long Draconis had been logged on for...

    Anyway, as seen in this log, there is a 1 second difference between the PM and the second message, there is NO WAY, that this message was as a response to the message just then. Certainly as a response to the previous messages from QUASIGECKO, though.
    It just doesn't add up.

    As I've said, it's not hard to figure out that it's not a joke when no one's laughing.
    From the rules page:
    I think that you come across insincere, and a lot of what you have put in this appeal feels like an excuse for your behaviour. You also didn't even put in 5 reasons.
    Anyway, it's probably best to move on. I know that you're sorry, I hope you never break the rules again. In this case it's not even about the rules or the ban, but about someone who felt bullied and unwanted.

    Please be more considerate. Ban shorted to 2 days (at the time of this post).
  3. jmilner143

    jmilner143 Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    1. When she wasn't "laughing" back, I wasn't surprised; she never talks in the server and apparently has our conversations on mute for most of the time. For the people in the server, people knew that it was a thing like jmilner and dracon dont like each other; it wasn't a laugh out loud joke it was just something that occasionally would be said.
    2. I did see the cunt message before I responded like that, so no one must have messaged until I said that.
    3. I dont care if you think I was insincere; the only person I care about is dracon. I have already private messaged her with a personal apology; this appeal was to explain to the Mods not say sorry to Dracon. That is why I apologized in private.
    4. There is all sorts of rude chat that is sent back and forth between people on the server, and mine was misinterpreted and taken too far and I feel terrible about that, but she never said anything to me so how was I supposed to know that what I thought were meaningless comments were hurting her?
    5. I dont like being apart of drama and I certainly will never cause it again.
    #3 jmilner143, Jan 17, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018

    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    I don't really know why this needed a response, I explained everything and I don't need other reasons or excuses for any of it.
    I can assure you that there was no cunt message before what you said, as I explained above, I have checked the logs.
    Anyway, the ban will expire in about a day.
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