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Rejected Appel for Ban

Discussion in 'Appeal A Ban' started by smithxn, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. smithxn

    smithxn Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    I read the Ban Appeal instructions. Will just repost what i have said before.

    Hello my name is Smithxn

    I do not completely understand what has happened. I was at work all day, so i could not have done the griefing. Me and my brother share the account so it may have been him. I have told him not to go on and if it happens again i will accept the ban. I will send an apology to whoever i have offended and try and make it up to them. Was enjoying server so please let me back on. Im truly sorry.

    Rgds Smithxn
    P.S. Truly want to play this server as one it is Australian and two it has been the best server i have played in a while.
  2. smithxn

    smithxn Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Sorry forgot to add who banned me i believe it was SQUNTO

    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Hey, the ban appeal template is there for a reason, please use it. If you really care about the server then please make an effort to follow the template and give me 5 reasons. You will not be considered for a shorter ban length until you do so.

    A question for you: If you (your account, you, doesn't matter if it's your dog or your cat playing on it) made a chest half an hour to an hour after you destroyed the farm/broke doors/broke beds/broke redstone, and then stored the broken items in the same locked chest, what does this say about the situation?

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