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Read Me! Becoming a Veteran

Discussion in 'Veteran Applications' started by Zerp, Feb 3, 2018.

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  1. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

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    Becoming a Veteran

    What is a Veteran?
    A Veteran is someone who has been around for a while and meets a number of requirements that warrant recognition. People in this group receive:
    • A blue name
    • 6 home points, instead of 3
    • Free teleportation
    • 5 more chest shops
    • Kit veteran.

    What are the requirements?
    Candidates must meet all of the following requirements.
    1. Member for 3 weeks or more.
    2. Have built something impressive in the survival world.
    3. A balance of at least z10,000.
    4. A good reputation within the community.

    I think I qualify! How do I apply?
    Simply follow these steps.
    1. Create a forum album of your most impressive server build/s (click).
    2. Complete the application template below, using proper formatting, grammar, etc.
    3. Get two or more players (of Veteran, Donator or Premium rank) to support your application.
    4. Wait for a moderator.

    Application template
    In a few sentences or more, what have you enjoyed most about playing here?

    How much money (z) do you currently have?

    What have you built on the server so far? Describe and link your album.

    Have you had any incidents with players/staff in the past?

    Do you vote for the server often? What is your /votetotal?

    Why do you want to become a Veteran, and why do you deserve it?

    List two or more people who will support your application.

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