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Prick dawsomm

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jfishdog, May 31, 2017.

  1. Jfishdog

    Jfishdog Member

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    A newbie named "dawsomm" was on yesterday, and one of the first things he asked me when I welcomed him was whether the server had "hack blocker" or something because according to him his house kept getting hacked. I told him I didn't know, and thought nothing of it. He asked if I would play with him, and I said ok, and shared some iron ingots with him. Within minutes of him leaving my sight he had found 6 diamonds, and had made a pickaxe and an axe. Then he asked me what there was to do in the server, and I told him it's a survival server, so just do whatever. What he decided to do was climb down the side of the massive cliff side we were on, go to the bottom of the river beside it, and dig into the side of the mountain, where there just coincidentally happened to be another 8 diamonds. I was extremely suspicious after that. I logged off to search the website on how to report a hacker, and I found this. Unfortunately I didn't get any screenshots beforehand, and even though I got screenshots of him saying that he found 14 diamonds in total within the first few minutes, I don't know how to access them (mac). Anyways, I thought nothing of it, cos he disconnected right after that, so I guessed he was bored of the server, but he came back today, and was disconnecting at random times and coming back on, then eventually he asked if flying was allowed on the server, or if there were ranks. This made it pretty obvious why he was getting disconnected. The reply was no, and he acted sad, saying "I hate walking. I love flying." Then he disconnected. I wish I could provide screenshots, but I honestly don't know how, and google is no help either
    Just remembered to upload photo, so here that is anyways, even though he's banned
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    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

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    Hey, thanks for posting this. You don't really need to post the screenshots now but atleast you know how to for next time.
    It was 100% XRaying, and considering the situation, he was most likely using a hacked client.
    He has been banned.
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