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Important Economy Changes

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by SQUNTO, Dec 31, 2017.


    SQUNTO Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    The admin shop has recently been redesigned from scratch. We are confident that this will finally provide a good economy experience for our players. :)
    As a result, some changes must be made which will affect everyone. This is an announcement to let everyone know what is happening and what they must do.

    All shop items have been rebalanced and the main change is a 5 TIMES increase in all server prices (This includes TPA, starting balance, donator reward, voting reward, and most importantly PLAYER BALANCES).
    • IF you own a player shop or a spawn plot with shops, you MUST change your shop chests to reflect these changes. 5 times is recommended, however it will take some time for everything to adjust.
    • The new server shop will be active by NYE. ALL PLAYER SHOPS WILL BE INACCESSIBLE (All regions with shops will be flagged with ENTRY DENY, this means that no one can access them and shop owners must edit their prices before shops are reopened).
    Here are all the player shop or spawn plots owners, you have ONE WEEK to adjust:
    First floor: @okysea @Jfishdog @smithxn @Katetii
    Second floor: @DraconisChaser @PurpleZircon @lavachicken @mortz17
    Spawn plots: @lavachicken @Slumpzilla @DraconisChaser @PurpleZircon @apendix99

    Please INSTANTLY contact a staff member or myself if there are any issues with the new economy.
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  2. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:

    Zerp AU market crash imminent? Or just Australia, lol.
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  3. PurpleZircon

    PurpleZircon Moderator Staff Premium Donator

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    Quickly invests zeps into bitcoin
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  4. Jfishdog

    Jfishdog Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Surely you could've done 10x. It's not like anything's actually changed aside from the fact that the numbers are slightly bigger and the shop's a bit better

    SQUNTO Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    I dunno, started out with 10x but it ended up at 5x. Not a big deal but it's always nice having the economy not too inflated.

    SQUNTO Administrator Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    All shops and plots have been re-opened!
    Almost everyone has updated their prices, as for @smithxn, @mortz17, @Katetii, and @lavachicken, please update your shops.
    @smithxn and @Katetii will be evicted from their shops in the coming weeks because of prolonged inactivity, unless new changes are made.

    There are currently 4 empty shop plots, ask me in-game to purchase one!

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