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Accepted Lefari's Member Application

Discussion in 'Member Applications' started by lefari, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. lefari

    lefari Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What is your username?
    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    I absolutely love nature, and everything to do with it. I normally end up building homes with lots of plants in them, haha. My favourite food would have to be red velvet cake. Absolutely love it, and my two passions are music (drumming), and art. Those the two things that I love the most in life!

    How did you find out about this server? If applicable, link the site.

    I found this server from this website: https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s147028
    What have you liked about this server so far?
    Adore all the people I've met so far. Seems like a lovely community to me, which is what I look for in servers.
    Do you have any suggestions that could improve the server?
    Not that I can think of, no.
    Rule test: what does "don't touch stuff that isn't yours" mean?
    1. If there's a chest with items in it, don't take them.
    2. If there's a house, don't just destroy it/claim it!
    3. Just don't steal anything from anyone else.
    #1 lefari, Jun 6, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  2. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator
    Staff Premium Donator

    Minecraft Username:

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