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Accepted LuCicA_DvrK's Application

Discussion in 'Member Applications' started by LuCicA, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. LuCicA

    LuCicA Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What is your username?

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!

    I'm a 15 year old female, I like anime, listening to rock music:grin: and playing games like minecraft and games on steam:-)

    How did you find out about this server? If applicable, link the site.

    NeonExpe said the server was was fun and had Australian players, so here I am :-D

    What have you liked about this server so far?

    The people are extremely nice and welcoming! Lobby looks SICK, great job to whoever built it!

    Do you have any suggestions that could improve the server?

    Not at the moment, if I do I would tell a staff member

    Rule test: what does "don't touch stuff that isn't yours" mean?

    It means, be a nice person and don't touch things that aren't yours, and also follow the rules.

    Thank you for your time reading this :-) I am a friendly player and will not cause troubles.

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  2. insanepanda0221

    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Accepted!! :D

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