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Accepted Member Application - Alduin101

Discussion in 'Member Applications' started by Alduin101, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Alduin101

    Alduin101 Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What is your username?
    A: Alduin101

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!

    A: I'm 18 years old I have a mental health disorder call 'ASD' (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as well as OCD I don't know if that they go well with each other

    How did you find out about this server? If applicable, link the site.

    A: http://minecraft-mp.com/country/australia/

    What have you liked about this server so far?

    A: So far I have just joined I like the room that you spawn in so far I would love to see what I can build on here

    Do you have any suggestions that could improve the server?

    A: So far none at all doing a great job

    Rule test: what does "don't touch stuff that isn't yours" mean?

    A: Say if someone's house is in a place you want to build and you want it moved but you can't due to, not to touch anything that isn't theirs so they cant move it.
  2. insanepanda0221

    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
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