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Accepted Member Application

Discussion in 'Member Applications' started by Anthony, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What is your username?
    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    I'm an friendly, honest and helping person that loves gaming.
    How did you find out about this server? If applicable, link the site.
    What have you liked about this server so far?
    Some of the things that I have like about this server so far have been that the people that I have met so far have been very friendly, relaxed and helpful. I also enjoy playing on it so far and the plugs that the server has are amazing.
    Do you have any suggestions that could improve the server?
    Suggestions that my friends and I would personally enjoy if they were added to the server would be if you could sell stuff for much more money than you could sell it now. For example the diamonds are only sold for z20 but if they were sold for roughly z1000 everyone would be much more rich which would make the server more entertaining and fun.
    Rule test: what does "don't touch stuff that isn't yours" mean?
    don't touch stuff that isn't yours" means that you're not allowed to steal or take anything that you did not buy or get yourself unless you have permission to. For example of someone was to take an item from a chest that belongs to someone else, they would be breaking this rule.
  2. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Approved. Welcome aboard

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