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Accepted Member Application

Discussion in 'Member Applications' started by Tiana, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Tiana

    Tiana Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What is your username?
    A: Tiana31

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!

    A: I'm sixteen year old friendly gamer!

    How did you find out about this server? If applicable, link the site.

    A:My friend showed me this server a couple days ago and I decided to check it out

    What have you liked about this server so far?

    A: The staff have been extremely nice, welcoming me every time i log onto the server unlike other servers and I think the buildings that I have seen look amazing.

    Do you have any suggestions that could improve the server?

    A: One suggestion I have that could improve the server is that once the ranks are bought are permanent but thats about it!

    Rule test: what does "don't touch stuff that isn't yours" mean?

    A: Don't touch stuff that isn't your means that you are not allowed to steal anything from other players unless you have gotten the item yourself.
  2. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator
    Staff Premium Donator

    Minecraft Username:

    Also we have the donator rank which is permanent, premium is like a subscription based rank but you still get a donator rank if you stop the subscription.

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