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Read Me! Mid-Winter Chillout Event

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by DraconisChaser, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:

    Brrrrrrr it sure has become chilly around ZerpAU and to help combat the cold
    we are hosting a serverwide, week long Mid-Winter Chillout. Filled with various
    events, competitions and a plethora of prizes.

    Sunday 8th July 7pm - Sunday 15th July 7pm

    Build Off event - Hosted by cocoDaWog

    Monday 9th July

    7:30pm AEST - Mini Game Night
    Tuesday 10th July
    Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Wednesday 11th July
    7:30pm AEST - Speed Building Event
    Thursday 12th July
    Costume Designer - Design a Winter Outfit
    Friday 13th July
    7:30pm AEST Trivia Night
    Saturday 14th July
    7:00pm Snow Globe Dance Party

    Prize money ranging from 50z to 15,000z
    Event Trophies

    Elytras, Beacons
    Shulker boxes
    and much, much

    Build Off Winner: TBA
    Mini Games: insanepanda0221, apendix99, Baconcat27, Dinnermudkip, Fungusking_II & cocoDaWog
    Scavenger Hunt: apendix99 (11,550) & PurpleZircon (6,650)
    Speed Building: FungusKing_II and xX_Night_Fall_Xx
    Design a Winter Outfit: apendix99
    Trivia Night: cocoDaWog (19p), Fungusking_II (9p) & PurpleZircon (7p)

  2. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    UPDATE: Monday night's minigames has been postponed and will now be hosted on Thursday in conjunction with the costume designing competition.
  3. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Rules: All photos must be taken in the survival world. and you need to be in F3 mode to showing the coordinates, take a photo using F2 and upload it to an album (click here to create an album). Only one photo per item listed unless otherwise stated.
    • Photo of Spawn (100z)
    • Photo of you in the head shop (100z)
    • Photo of you at Zerps desk (150z)
    • Take in the view at Dix's diner (100z)
    • Visit the Steps of Heaven (250z)
    • Swim with the fishies at the Great Reef (250z)
    • Soar through Valhalla (250z)
    • Try to touch the bottom of the Deepest Trench (250z)
    • Go fishing at The Great Lake (250z)
    • Catch a snow flake at the Arctic (250z)
    • Marvel at the Great Mamba (250z)
    • Take a selfie (50z)
    • Photo with a friend (50z)
    • Take a photo with a moderator (1,000z)
    • Take a photo of Zerp (5,000z)
    • Take a photo with 3 or more people (500z)
    • Take a selfie with at least 3 different types of passive mobs in the one photo (500z)
    • Take a photo of as many different mobs as possible. (100z for each different mob)
    • Selfie time at a nether fortress (150z)
    • Selfie with a mob of endermen. Try not to upset them (200z)
    • Get a photo of 5 or more zombie pigmen in a group (200z)
    • Take a photo at the giant snow globe in survival (250z)
    • Selfie with a ghast (5,000z)
    • Visit Borris Shackleton and take a photo with his pet (450z)

    Entries close on Saturday at 7:00pm. Prizes will be awarded after the event.

    Album links are to be PMed to DraconisChaser
  4. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Costume Design Event
    Head on over to /warp winter and once there, claim a statue by changing the sign to your name.

    1. Keep your design within 2 blocks of your template.
    No profanity or inappropriate builds
    3. Builds must keep to the theme of "Winter"
    Ensure your name is on the sign before you build.
    Builds must be completed by 10pm AEST Thursday 12th July 2018.
    6. ONE statue only.
  5. PurpleZircon

    PurpleZircon Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    I've set a temporary warp winter at the statues.
  6. DraconisChaser

    DraconisChaser Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Trivia Night Answers
    Which of these mobs drops food when killed?
    a) Skeleton
    b) Iron Golem
    c) Pig
    d) Enderman

    Which type of following armour is the most effective?
    a) Leather Armour
    b) Golden Armour
    c) Diamond Armour
    d) Iron Armour

    Which of these mobs didn't exist in Minecraft before 1.12?
    a) Skeletal horse
    b) Ocelot
    c) Bird
    d) Endermite

    In which version of Minecraft was World Border added?
    a) 1.6
    b) 1.8
    c) 1.7
    d) There isn't such a thing

    Which of these sentences isn't true?
    a) @a us for 'all players'
    b) @p is for 'nearest player'
    c) @e is for 'effluent player'
    d) @r is for 'random player'

    Which of these foods gives most food points?
    a) Mushroom stew

    b) Raw Potato
    c) Carrot
    d) Raw Chicken

    What's the Minecraft game homepage?
    a) piratebay.com
    b) minecraft.com
    c) minecraft.net
    d) minecraftforums.net

    What company brought Minecraft and Mojang?
    a) Microsoft

    b) King.com
    c) EA Games
    d) None of these.

    What is NBTExplorer?
    a) Minecraft mod for new biomes to explore
    b) Tools for changing NTB data in Minecraft
    c) Minecraft cheat client
    d) Nothing related to Minecraft

    There is an achievement related to pigs falling off cliffs
    | False

    You can mine gold ore with golden pickaxe
    True | False

    Stone sword does equal damage as an iron axe
    | False

    Diamond helmet gives more defense points than full leather armour set
    True | False

    Creepers are green and their eyes and mouth are coloured black
    | False

    Herobrine has been added on Minecraft in version 1.4 but got removed in 1.7.10
    True | False

    Minecraft PC edition has sold over 30 million copies
    True | False

    Minecraft Realms is hosted by Mojang and isn't free
    | False

    Xray is used for cheating
    | False

    Spiders give you cobwebs and spider eyes when killed
    True | False

    Which of these mob can't attack you from a distance
    a) Bat

    b) Blaze
    c) Skeleton
    d) Wither

    Which block does have gravity?
    a) Gravel

    b) Soul Sand
    c) Course Dirt
    d) Sand

    Which of these sentences is true?
    a) /gamemode 3 is hardcore
    b) /gamemode 1 is creative
    c) /gamemode 3 is spectator
    d) /gamemode 2 is adventure

    e) /gamemode 0 is creative

    which of these sentences is true?
    a) Pigs are pink-ish

    b) Guardians are dark blue
    c) Creepers are green
    d) Ocelots are dark orange
    e) Blazes are yellow-ish

    Which of these sentences is true?
    a) Minecraft is made of chunks, each is 20x20 blocks
    b) Minecraft can be bought online
    c) There's no limit of land you can explore in minecraft
    d) Minecraft was made in 2001
    e) Minecraft is a sandbox game

    What is the name of the custom map where you are on a floating island with only a chest and a tree?
    a) Skyblock

    b) There isnt such a map
    c) Skymap
    d) Sky Islands

    What do you get from an enderman when it dies?
    a) Endermite
    b) Eye of ender
    c) Obsidian (0-4 pieces)
    d) None of these

    Which mob does more damage, enderman or Zombie?
    a) Both are equal
    b) They are passive mobs
    c) Enderman
    d) Zombie

    How much money did Notch get from selling Mojang?
    a) Millions
    b) Billions
    c) $29.95 + $2 tip

    Which of these mobs can't naturally spawn inside an oak forest?
    a) Zombie
    b) Spider
    c) Ocelot
    d) Enderman

    What material would you repair chain armour with in an anvil
    a) Fire blocks (unobtainable in survival)
    b) You cant
    c) Chain
    d) Iron Ingots

    Which of these blocks can't be found inside a cave?
    a) Cobblestone
    b) Obsidian
    c) Gravel
    d) All of these can be found in a cave

    What's the first ever achievement you get in Minecraft
    a) Getting Wood
    b) Inventory!
    c) Open Inventory
    d) Taking Inventory

    How do you make an infinite lava source
    a) Make a 2x2 hole, place lava in two opposite corners.
    b) You cant
    c) Make a 4x2x4 hole and fill it with lava
    d) Place lava in 1x1 hole

    What is the routine to get TNT?
    a) Kill creepers, collect lava, craft tnt
    b) Kill creepers, dig sand, craft tnt
    c) dig sand, collect lava, craft tnt

    What is the routine to spawn the wither
    a) Go to the nether, search for fortress, find a wither
    b) go to the nether, dig soul sand, kill wither skeletons, build the wither
    c) go to the nether, kill wither skeletons, build the wither

    TNT can be used to blow stuff up?
    | False

    Dynamite can be crafted using 3 TNT and 2 leather
    True | False

    Course gravel has been added to Minecraft in 1.8
    True | False

    Nether villagers are three times rarer than overworld villagers
    True | False

    To craft a cauldron you need 7 iron ingots and a water bucket
    True | False

    Redstone torch is made with 1 redstone and 1 stick
    | False

    Achievement 'Cake is a lie!' is gotten by crafting a cake
    True | False

    Curse hosts the official Minecraft forums
    | False

    Minecraftforums.net is the offical minecraft forms page
    True | False

    Mincecraft is a game
    True | False

    MCPE stands for Minecraft Pocket Edition
    | False
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