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Failed Vote Obsidian0dragon's Staff Aplication

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Lief931, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Lief931

    Lief931 Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Hello, my name is Obsidian0dragon, Obsidian/Obi for short.
    I am an American (Preferably a Californian with what is going on nowadays) that regularly plays on the Zerp Au Server when I get the chance. Usually, I do. As during school days I can usually be on after 3 P.M. PST now 5 P.M. with track practice, otherwise I play whenever I can especially on weekends.

    I DO NOT tolerate cheating/hacking/abuse on ANY level, in real life or otherwise. I don't curse/cuss (although I am fine with being around people who do), or throw insults at people's faces to provoke a reaction, I've already met enough people who do that... What I hope to achieve by becoming staff is making the server a more secure and friendly environment where friendship is given to anyone, and kind words to those who are kind. I would wish not to make a scene, inviting someone to a /MSG chat instead for sake of privacy if need be.

    I don't hope for a high position, just the opposite really, there is rarely a time nowadays where something as simple as a mod is on the server to help with a question, to prevent grief, or even to stop a fight/aggressive argument. I wish to be the Staff Member that changes that. To be the one there when nobody else is.

    I know we can't win, the hackers will always come, the griefers will always grief. Winning isn't the point against them, I don't want to do this to beat someone or because I hate them. And we don't always get them right away and when we do they can always pull out their alt account if they weren't IP banned, It doesn't always work, I do what I do because its right, because its decent, and above all its KIND. Its just that, just kind to the people who need us to help them, its kind to the people who grief because one day, they might actually learn a lesson or two along the way. If I run away today then good people will be hurt. If I do stand and fight, some of them might not be hurt

    "Who I am is where I stand, where I stand is where I fall."
    And when I fall, what a day it will be.

    Who you are reading now, and who you might talk to in the future, that's me. I am myself, and no one else.

    Thank you.
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  2. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

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    Staff Vote
    Should Obsidian0dragon become a moderator?

    Yes: 2 Votes (40.0%)
    No: 3 Votes (60.0%)

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