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Other Respawn Bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by QuasiGecko, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. QuasiGecko

    Build Comp Winner

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    Hey Z/S.
    Found a bug that resulted in me losing 80-90 percent of inventory. Reporting this bug to hopefully get all my expensive stuff back, and to fix the bug given its happened to others (Dix).
    I tp'd to pdubbled, and he was quite high off the ground, as I spawned I was displaced to the left by his body and fell to my death. Previously I'd set my Respawn via bed in creative by accident and never fixed it in survival as I don't utilise beds in any way. When I /back 'd (within two seconds of dying) from the Creative Respawn back to where I died in Survival, I 'picked up' most of my stuff but it didn't register as going into my inventory, however when I picked up the remaining stuff ( as the items can be thrown quite far when you die ) it registered and entered my inventory, resulting in me losing the majority of my inventory.
    This can be replicated by having a full inventory in Survival, and having your bed respawn be in creative. If you /kms or die in any way, and respawn in creative, when you /back you will 'pickup' your gear but it won't appear in your inventory. After roughly a second, any items you pick up will enter your inventory.
    If you have any questions message me on Discord.
    Cheers <3.
  2. QuasiGecko

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    Solved by Djlat. Thank you to all involved. If you face a similar issue talk to a moderator or admin.
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    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

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    Hey, good to hear that this got solved for you and @apendix99.
    This is caused by a delay in gamemode changing. Basically, the gamemode switches slower than the world does, including all ticked entities (items being picked up).
    This has happened to others before, there's not a lot I can really do to fix this but it's a fairly simple solution if it does happen to anyone.

    So first of all,
    The world changes (from the creative world at your /home bed) to the survival world.
    The gamemode also changes, but it always has a delay which can be seen onscreen. This is because the gamemode is creative already, and it takes a little while to switch to survival.
    But because you're specifically doing /back, you are landing on your dropped items, meaning that the server picks up the items before anything else, resulting in them going to your creative inventory. You then switch to survival, essentially making the items 'vanish'.
    Fortunately this just requires a gamemode switch to get the items back. Hopefully that was explained well enough.
    Any OP can resolve this issue at any time.

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