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Accepted Shadow ban apealooo

Discussion in 'Appeal A Ban' started by _ShadowFiend_, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. _ShadowFiend_

    _ShadowFiend_ Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    1. What's your username?

    2. Why were you banned?
    I was banned for advertising another server which was clearly a bad mistake.

    3. Which staff member banned you?
    SQ UNTO banned me for a good reason.

    4. Give us 5 reasons to let you back on.
    1. I enjoy Zerp Australia as i have become attached to the community and has become a daily part of my life.

    2. Let me be honest, I am an ignorant and rude person who thinks hes the best and overall a worthless person but you know i have shown my nice personality, I have always broken rules in life and maybe ill never change but this is of course something that can be resolved by giving me 1 more chance.

    3.I love this server, when i first joined i was a very rude/annoying person, i was asking jpeg if i could help him out with the server and i wouldnt leave him alone. But when i applied for member and started survival i became addicted to the people and cool bio-mes and such. Id come home from school everyday exited to get on and build some of the creations that i had been imagining in my mind. I felt like i had to put all my effort into this amazing server as zerpau was the one.

    4.The kind and lovely player's that i have met have also brought out my kind self which has made me feel more connected to the community and i do want to be able to talk to them again.

    5. My final reason, I have been a Donator/Member of the zerpau server for a month and whether its talking to friends or showing off new builds there is always rules involved. I have deliberately broken rules, jese i never thought it would get this far but it has.

    Please unban me SQUNTO, just one more chance im asking for and i promise i will change! You know i can and i know so let's give it a shot. I do one more thing and its done.


    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Thank you for admitting your mistakes. You are still going to be tempbanned for a while so I would suggest planning on taking a break and reflecting on how you are going to put your words into actions. I trust that you will not break the rules again, mainly just by being more aware of your actions and behaviour. Keep in mind that you weren't banned solely off your advertising violation, but rather that was the last chance you had after all of your previous rule-breaks.

    I understand that I've banned you jokingly before but I am sure that we were both aware of the situation. Those times are not what you are banned for. It is rather all of the times when you have talked to other players with a partial or total lack of respect.

    "grow up"
    "you're pathetic"
    "i'm allowed to have an opinion, i'm an expert"

    These are just a few examples of your poor attitude and lack of respect. Thank you for admitting in your appeal that you understand that you have been rude. What I'm really looking for is actions, not words. You can acknowledge your wrongdoings now, but only your actions matter. So for your own sake, please change your attitude and be more aware of your behaviour when you return.

    As for the advertising, you know what you did was wrong. I understand that it is a fine line between what is advertising and what is trying to organise a game with friends. I've had to clarify in the rules that no, advertising is not allowed. I trust that you will not do this again. To make it very clear to you, advertising is not allowed because it's sole purpose is to take players away from this server and to another server. It is not acceptable. You are absolutely allowed to play with friends on other servers, just organise this privately, please.

    1. I enjoy the server too, as do all the other players. I do not enjoy the server when people cause trouble, when people are rude, when people are immature, and when people have no respect. Please be mindful and aware of other players. I really hope to not hear anything from anyone about "shadow's attitude" ever again.

    2. Saying that you may never change doesn't really help your case. I hope you can change, it's not that hard.

    3. I'm glad that you enjoy the server, but again, refer to point 1.

    4. Fair enough, I hope to see you back with a new, more respectful attitude.

    5. It got this far because you didn't stop, you just kept doing it. In your own words "grow up".

    And one more chance is all you have. It has always been good to have you around, but obviously we're here right now because you pushed it too far. If virtually everyone else can follow the rules, then I'm sure you can too. :)

    Your tempban will expire in 3 days.
  3. _ShadowFiend_

    _ShadowFiend_ Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    Thanks's SQUNTO i was expecting a year ban xD

    I appreciate it, lets start off on a goof foot this time.

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