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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Lemon, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Lemon

    Lemon Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    upload_2018-6-15_13-0-53.png upload_2018-6-15_13-2-39.png
    upload_2018-6-15_13-3-48.png upload_2018-6-15_13-4-19.png upload_2018-6-15_13-5-6.png upload_2018-6-15_13-6-5.png upload_2018-6-15_13-6-27.png upload_2018-6-15_13-7-11.png upload_2018-6-15_13-7-50.png upload_2018-6-15_13-8-36.png

    1 Pic is top side
    2 pic is front in side
    3 pic is chill room
    4 pic is girls bathroom
    5 pic is boys bathroom
    6 pic is ckichen
    7 pic is Katt and Geckos Room
    8 pic my room
    9 pic dix room
    10 pic is also another front side
  2. Djlat

    Djlat Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    You'll want to make sure that you put this as a reply within the actual thread if you want to be a part of the comp
  3. Lemon

    Lemon Donator

    Minecraft Username:
  4. asacavanagh

    asacavanagh Premium Donator
    Premium Donator

    Minecraft Username:
    I also believe this is in the wrong spot.. xD
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  5. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

    Minecraft Username:
    Loool, moved.

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