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Important STATE OF THE SERVER - What's next?

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by SQUNTO, Jul 23, 2017.



  1. Update to 1.12 NOW and keep the current world. (But still update and reset when BB 1.12 is released)

  2. Stay in 1.11.2 with the current world until we fully update and reset.

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    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

    Minecraft Username:
    Everyone has been asking about when the update to 1.12 will be and originally I said by the end of the month but as it stands now it is turning out to be even more delayed.
    THE ONLY THING that we are waiting on is the terrain plugin we use. We use Terraincontrol and BiomeBundle. Terraincontrol has a lot of bugs and has been fixed up by the BiomeBundle team in their release called OpenTerrainGenerator. Right now both BB and OTG are not fully compatible with 1.12, and OTG doesn't work with 1.12 at all.

    From one of the developers of OTG.

    BB and OTG should be updated at roughly the same time, but for now there is no choice but to wait until they are updated. We COULD start a 1.12 server now with new terrain but that terrain will only change again in a month or few weeks when we update again. We COULD just use vanilla terrain but this does not fit in with how we have made ZerpAU stand out.
    Hopefully we see an update soon, I understand that it can be frustrating that the server hasn't updated yet.

    Right now there is a choice, we could update to 1.12 instantly and keep the current world (This was not always possible from the start of when 1.12 was first released, if you're wondering why this wasn't done earlier.) or we could just stay in 1.11.2 with the current world until we fully update and reset. Either way the world stays the same, but let me know what you think in the poll above.

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