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The 7 Natural* Wonders of the Map

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Zerp, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Zerp

    Zerp Administrator

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    We thought it'd be cool to recognise some of the strangest places on the current map, so here are the seven natural* wonders. All coordinates are approximate, and are designated by a pin on the live map. I agree, the names are terrible atm so we might will be looking to award naming rights in the near future.

    1. The Highest Point on the Map (Steps to Heaven)
    Coordinates: x(-823), y(225), z(-3810)
    Rising to a height of 225 blocks, this peak is the highest naturally occurring point on the map.​


    2. The Arctic

    Coordinates: x(9300 to 11000), z(-2400 to -5800)
    Comprising thousands of blocks of frozen sea and an adjoining snow-covered continent, this is the coldest place on the map.​


    3. Great Reef

    Coordinates: x(-9850 to -10250), z(-10000 to -10500)
    Us Australians love reefs, and there just happens to be one on the map!​


    4. The Floating Gardens (of Valhalla)

    Coordinates: x(8600 to 9900), z(-9900 to -11000)
    This continent features a bunch of floating landmasses.​


    5. The Deepest Point of the Ocean

    Coordinates: x(8600 to 9900), y(1), z(-9900 to -11000)
    Beneath the Floating Gardens is the deepest part of the ocean, with some places dipping to a height of just 1.​


    6. The Great Lake

    Coordinates: x(5350 to 5850), z(6090 to 6480)
    The largest open lake on the map, spanning over 500 blocks in both directions.​


    7. The Great Mamba

    Coordinates: x(-610 to -750), z(60 to 200)

    Edit: If you find taller/deeper/colder/greater things in the map, please update this thread with them. This list is just to our knowledge :3

    Image Gallery (click here)

    *Naturally generated by a computer.
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  2. Djlat

    Djlat Moderator

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    Build Competition #7 is now up and active, and with it, the opportunity to have your build featured as the seventh wonder! Apply now via http://zerpau.com/threads/7-natural-wonders-in-progress.438/

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    SQUNTO Retired
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