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News UPDATED TO 1.12

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by SQUNTO, Aug 18, 2017.


    SQUNTO Retired
    Retired Staff

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    The server is now updated to version 1.12!

    The main world has been reset, as well as all homes, money, and previous items. The world is still custom terrain, but this time the settings have been slightly changed. You should be seeing more oceans and larger biomes. Another exciting change for this update is that the server map will now generate as players explore and generate the world! Not only does this look a lot better, it makes exploration worthwhile!

    Some other minor changes include the change of the main world difficulty from normal to hard, which now matches the nether and end difficulty (which has been on hard since almost the start of the server). The nether is no longer a 1:8 scale but now 1:1, this is because the main world and nether world have the same border distance which means that portals would be spawning outside the border, having it as 1:1 will barely change gameplay and there is no loss of nether area, it just fixes potential portal issues.
    Previous issues such as in-game map items appearing bugged and eye of enders not working at all have been fixed. I think sometimes the eye of enders glitch around the spawn area but during testing they appeared to still work.

    The server seems to be working just fine right now! We are missing a few main features of the server at the moment, such as the server shop, donator shop, spawn plots, and other features like the pvp arena and spawn buildings (just the office really). The server shop is the main priority right now, and the other features will return in the near future. The hardcore world still exists although homes have been wiped which make it a bit difficult, it is unlikely that this current hardcore world will stay around for much longer. The creative world is unchanged.

    There will be build competitions very soon! Spawn plots will be up for grabs as prizes for the next build competition, so stay tuned.
    The spawn area now features random teleport signs in each direction, ranging up to 3000 blocks out, with the map just expanded to a 4000 block radius. Hope to see everyone online soon! As always please post any bugs or issues in this thread, and feel free to post any suggestions.

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